Web Site Hosting – Look to Buy Web Hosting That Fits Your Specific Needs

If you’re looking to buy web hosting, you need to make sure that you’ll have enough options to work with in order to be able to allow your website(s) to grow as needs dictate, however you also need to be sure that you won’t be charged for things that you just have no need for. Getting the best value for your hard-earned dollar is important to consider when you set out to buy web hosting, obviously… but there’s also a few other things to think about when choosing a useful hosting service.

Check The Hosting Company’s Support Policy Before You Buy Web Hosting From Them

One of the considerations of top importance which comes to mind is the quality of support they offer. If you ever encounter trouble uploading or changing your websites, or if somehow information has been lost, you need assurance that support staff will come to your immediate aid if need be.

Let’s say you want to buy web hosting from a company that offers very inexpensive service, but you’re interested in guaranteeing immediate service in regards to support – you could always simply ask that they e-mail you with the words, “We promise to offer you immediate aid according to any of your web hosting needs upon request”, within the title field. Having the company put this within the title field of an e-mail they send to you can serve as a legally binding document.

Needless to say, if you’re shopping around to buy web hosting from any of the many hosting companies out there, the golden rule to go by is, “when in doubt, do without”. Of course, there is no shortage of very reputable companies to choose from, and you could easily take into consideration their many years of experience, mission statement and various testimonials in order to use your better judgment in making your final decision.

Before You Buy Web Hosting…Consider A Reseller Account

Now, if you are looking to buy web hosting for multiple websites, maybe even hundreds or more, you might find it much more cost effective to purchase what’s known as a “reseller account”. Usually (though not always), these are bought in order to run a web hosting service yourself, hosting it from within the main host’s servers (hence the term, “reseller account”).

But because this would then allow for countless websites, e-mail accounts, domains and etc. to be hosted for a comparatively tiny monthly fee – usually for under thirty bucks, it would more than seem that this is the perfect move to make if you have a large number of websites that require hosting, instead of buying separate web hosting accounts for all of the individual websites you’ll need to be hosted.

If you need to host multiple sites, the possibilities with this option can be staggering. Considering all that you could do with this type of an account, the sky could be the limit. When you consider the possibilities this implies for a bit, you’ll see that you can even use such a set up to not only host all of your websites, but also offer web hosting to others for monthly income as well, all on the very same reseller account. This alone makes this an extremely cost effective and potentially profitable way to buy web hosting.

A Guide to Low Cost Web Hosting

Web hosting is a service that allocates space for customers to have their websites on computer servers. Servers are powerful computers that have large hard drives or array of hard drives. Each server on Internet has a unique IP (Internet Protocol) address. This provides specific addresses to each web hosting company.

There are different types of web hosting services. Prices of these web hosting vary from few dollars to hundreds of US dollars a year depending upon services offered by individual web hosting companies. Web hosting services that provide high bandwidth are quite costly.

Web hosting for personal website that do not require any special business tools such as point of sales packages, credit card processing, could be very cheap. If a website put up by a user does not contain any graphics or sound files then it is beneficial for user to opt for low cost web hosting. Rates for low cost web hosting may vary from $1 to $20 a month.

Network speed is an important feature that has to be provided by Internet web host. A good host may have more than one optical carrier line providing connection to Internet. Another point of consideration is amount of bandwidth provided by web-hosting providers. Small business web hosting providers have fewer servers and may be unable to offer huge bandwidth. Majority of sites currently featured on Internet use less than 2 GB of bandwidth a month. A site getting 6000 visits a month could be under 5 GB of bandwidth.

Low cost web hosting companies claim to provide unlimited disk space to users and high speed data transfer. Most such claims prove to be false as it is not feasible to provide customers with large number of storage and data transfer with limited capabilities. To be able to provide such services, they may need to upgrade bandwidth capacity.

Customer service offered by low cost web hosting may not be necessarily good. User may use their discretion to decide which web hosting is beneficial.

Better Business Bureau Ratings of Web Hosting Companies

Often when shopping online or at your local mall you will see ‘Member of the Better Business Bureau, or BBB’ and right away you feel good about shopping at the site or store. But what is the Better Business Bureau and why does it is inspire confidence, especially when shopping for a web hosting company?

The Better Business Bureau has been tracking complaints and keeping tabs on both profit and non-profit web hosting companies for more than 15 years now. Each year millions of consumers rely on the Better Business Bureau rating reports to tell them whether or not a web host is trustworthy or not.

The Better Business Bureau is unlike the local Chamber of Commerce in the fact that it does not promote any web host over another. The BBB gathers information on hosting companies both private and non-private then publishes its findings in their reliability reports. The whole idea is to keep the consumer informed and let them read through all the available information to better formulate which web hosting company is one they want to deal with.

One of the main functions of the Better Business Bureau is to try to help resolve complaints from customers against businesses. If a customer is unsatisfied with the company that they have dealt with they can file a claim with the Bureau and they will then contact the business on the customer’s behalf and try to help resolve the matter. Many people think that the Better Business Bureau only helps with companies that are members of the local BBB or accredited by the BBB, but the fact is that they help with complaints from both accredited and non accredited businesses. According to the Bureau, they are able to successfully resolve about 70 percent of all the complaints that are filed.

How does a web host become an accredited member and should it lend to your confidence?

To become an accredited member of the BBB, a web hosting business must have been in operations for at least one year. They must then fill out an application and pay member dues. Part of the application process is proving to the Bureau that the web host can adhere to the standards that the BBB requires to become a member which could include proving that the business is fully licensed an provides the level of service that they advertise.

At any time a web host can lose its accreditation for any number of reasons. The main reason for losing accreditation is too many complaints from customers. So when you see that a web host is accredited by the Better Business Bureau it should indeed lend a vote of confidence to your decision to use that particular company. That is not to say that non members are all shady, but the stamp of approval certainly helps. The easiest way to know you are dealing with an affordable web hosting company that you can trust is to check out the Better Business Bureau’s website which is BBB.org.